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Plavix is an anti-platelet agent which has this quality to avoid quick blood clotting in the patients after they suffered the first attack. Now you can buy Plavix online as well because the patent days of this drug is over now. If we talk about the base drug of Plavix then we can take the name of Clopidogrel. This is one drug which was under the patent till year 2010. You can imagine the success ratio of this drug by the fact that it was the second bestselling drug in the category during this last year.

Once the patent died then some generic drug manufacturers also started manufacturing it and this is where things took this new twist for Plavix 75 mg. This drug is a regular companion of many people after the first heart attack and they always seek for these bulk deals of Plavix 75 mg.

These bulk buyers stared searching for it on internet sources and now this drug is selling like hot cake on internet. We cannot produce the exact sales figures of this drug because the market is scattered but still we can say that more and more people are inclining towards purchasing this drug from internet sources.
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Plavix has this very straight action mechanism where it reacts with platelet cell membranes and inhibits the ADP receptor. If we talk about the nature of the drug then we can say that it is a Prodrug, this requires CYP2C19 for the primary activation of its functions. When you buy Plavix online then be aware that it acts with the P2Y subtype of ADP receptor. It starts functioning after 2 hours in most of the cases but there are certain conditions where they need a fast action and here you can administer higher doses of Plavix as well.

  • DPlavix (Clopidogrel) is a powerful medicine. Never forget that you are dealing with your heart ailment with the help of this drug. This is why they tell you to use this drug judiciously and this is why they always tell you to consult with your doctor if you have certain medical history involved with your case.

  • For instance you cannot use Plavix 75 mg if you have an active history of thrombocytopenic purpura or TTP.

  • You should use Plavix 75 mg with a great deal of precaution if you have this history of Heart stroke or mini stroke.

  • Kidney disorders or you are under prenatal care by any standards.

  • Search for Plavix online and check the family of the drugs which have this enmity with this drug and only after that think to consume about it.
  • Also check the dose that is being administered to you by the doctor.

Buy Plavix (Clopidogrel) from the online sources but allow your expert to fix the dose of this drug for you. For the starters the dose of Plavix 75 mg is the right dose which they can have. Things may change according to the anticoagulation needs of your body. If they want a fast and steady action then in this case they can administer a heavy dose as well. This heavy dose will be of 300 mg. There are some special cases where they can even increase the dose to the 600 mg per day as well. Leave this purely on the discretion of your regular expert and then move ahead with the things.
When a person takes Plavix tablets then in this case he can come across three types of side effects. First type of side effects is very common, if we try to list them down then we can name redness under the skin because of the blood, purple bruise, chest pain, collection of blood under the skin. Most of the common side effects of Plavix are somehow related to the function and motion of the blood.

There are side effects which are less common but they can also occur in your body because of Plavix they are nose bleeding, feeling some pain while urinating, blood vomiting and other types of vomiting. The second type of side effects may occur because of certain other reasons as well. If these side effects keeps on repeating themselves and you have a clean history for any other disease which can cause these things in you then in this case you should stop the consumption of this drug and consult an expert first hand. Never forget that you are taking a medicine which is somehow connected to the welfare of your heart and here you cannot take a chance because any delay can function as a fatal delay for you here.

  • When we talk about the warnings related to the Plavixthen in this case we can certainly mention one thing very carefully. If you are taking Plavix then in this case be sure that every injury can be a dangerous injury for you.

  • Anybody who is dealing with these wounds should have this prior knowledge of your consumption of this drug. He may need certain medicines which can help the process of coagulation.

  • Here it can be the first need of the hour so that they can save you. Take all your wounds seriously and never allow the blood to ooze out. Here you need to take some preventer first aid actions immediately.

  • If you are taking Plavix 75 mg on a regular basis then in this case you need to leave it before any major surgery or minor surgery. If you have appointments with a dentist then in this case make sure that you leave the consumption of this drug prior to five days.

  • If the condition of the heart is worst and you are on a higher dose then in this case make sure that you reduce the dose timely. As a bottom line we can say that your regular medical expert is the best person to suggest you an appropriate dose in this condition. Keep him in confidence, explain him about the surgery and then move ahead with the consumption of the drug.